Dear reader of some of my reviews, The rule is not to believe the good reviews and not to believe the bad ones, but look at the enrichment the project gave us all.

– Marc Bogaerts –

Classic Ballet

What made Bogaerts work amusing was the way its florid mime gestures were performed with deadpan solemnity

Jack Anderson
New York Times

Highlights were…a spoof murder mystery pas de trois by Marc Bogaerts, set, with unlikely glee.

Clive Barnes
New York Post

Marc Bogaerts work, an entertaining spoof of bourgeois melodrama

Dance Magazine

Bogaerts work shows off Witkowsky’s strong legs and Osborne’s Lesly Howard-style sobriety.

Debra Cash
The Boston Globe

Dance Theatre

Fallen Angels is an emotionally draining, physically demanding work requiring a great deal of energy

Patti Denton
The Florida Times

Sex Minutes: 75 minutes of a total-art product with dance, pantomime, music, singing, acting, words was a hit. For him sex starts in the womb. This work is a provocation from a great theaterman: Marc Bogaerts

Gerhald Hellwig
Suisse Volksfreund

It was a very original connection between modern dance, spoken theatre, installations and video-art

Ralph Ottinger
A. Zeitung

The main impression Marc Bogaerts evening gave, was the never leaving intensity, so the dance becomes a language, over the virtuosity and formal precision

Thurgaer Volksfreund

The audience at least, loved it, giving the show a standing ovation

Luisa Moffett
The Bulletin

Contemporary Dance

The program came to an end with the work of a Belgian choreographer, Marc Bogaerts, who proved on several occasions that he has something to say

Het nieuwsblad

A highlight is his eternal rebellion, done with wide moving jumps and Asian fighting

Eva-Maria Magel
Frankfurter Allgemeine

Well doing in the choreography was that it did not try to tell us a story, but that it developed an own lyrical movement language

Clauspeter Kosielny

The piece was choreographed by Marc Bogaerts. And this man has some amazing ideas. His mixed vocabulary is not for the purist. But man, is it choreography!

Angelika Milhan
Maerkische Algemeine

Bogaerts ballet, in the beginning laughed at, saw itself, at the end, being honoured with a standing ovation

Klaus Geitel
Berliner Morgenpost

A nervous, pushing and pulsing work always full of activity, dense, with breathing arm swings, incredible musicality and on the same times a free handling of that same music

Volkmar Draeger
Neue Zeit

Bogaerts reduces music not to birdtsjilping and easy rides, but brings it to the different phases of being
a human between exiting youth and a mighty past. With him life exists out of strength and joy. Than suddenly he gives us something to think about, only to go on since he is curious

Heidi Jager
Neuste Nachrichten

In the famous Antonio Vivaldi score, where Jerome Robbins is as pretty and well-mannered as Sunday Social, Marc Bogaerts is earthy, funny, poignant and beautiful in a more elementary way

Diane Hubbard Burns
The Orlando Sentinel

The choreography of Marc Bogaerts is full of invention very lyrical, contains superb and juvenile fever.

Jacques Franck
Pour la danse

… but one becomes the more interested in the dance as dance, and to this point Marc Bogaerts demonstrates his gift of inventing gestures, notably a follow-up of particularly audacious lift, which make his work particularly attractive

Albert Burnet
Le Soir

Marc Bogaerts is a wonderful choreographer. This was his best work. The ones not interested in a story were worried to be annoyed. Well no, they left with full enthusiasm

Michel Odin
Dance Conservatoire

Nouveau Cirque

To the pounding rhythm of the music on trapeze, rings, ropes or tissue, the artists celebrate acrobatic and gymnastic movements. Bogaerts understands on the highest sensitive level to connect dance and artistic in a suspense of erotic

F. Jast
Neuste Nachrichten

More exiting was the circus installation from Marc Bogaerts. It is a bitter commentary to the legal system of abortion. A naked woman caught in iron bars, ropes, wheels as a birth machine between the paragraphs of the law.

Tilman Billing
Berliner Morgenpost


With high-class dancers and circus artists the public could travel from classical dance to American avant-garde, from circus to musical movements. All visions are allowed.

Frank Jast
Neuste Nachrichten

Marc Bogaerts is as chief-choreographer a king without a country. But people need to follow him. The audience already does

Hartmut Regitz
Ballet International

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